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Originally Posted by cooljjay View Post
Since this is a w115 what type of secondary fuel filter housing do you have? Does it take the cartridge type filter or a spin on filter?

I wouldn't think there would be anything wrong with the housing, if this was the case it would leak fuel....even if there is a leak the lift pump will still pump fuel so the filter wouldn't be fully does work on suction....the lift pump pulls fuel from the tank to the filter.....if you remove the line running to the filter housing from the lift pump and crank the car....fuel should come out...

Also, I ran the car with the top off of the secondary filter to watch the line from the lift pump to the secondary filter housing and nothing was coming out, so as you stated there should be some fluid coming out, so I guess I'll lean towards the lift pump at this point.

It's got to be the lift pump or an air leak from the housing itself, but if what you say is correct, then I'll say lift pump, because NO fuel is going into the secondary fuel housing with the top removed to watch the flow.
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