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Originally Posted by junker68 View Post
Why do you say that?

I do not see a leak. I tightened all of the clamps.

You described the lift pump earlier. Could that be defective?

Once again, I believe the IP is feeding off of the fuel in the secondary fuel filter.

When I rev that engine, I do not see any fuel going into the primary/clear filter, no drips no flow.

Here is what I know, fuel is being fed to the primary pump when I prime it. So I would assume there is no restriction until the primary filter, correct?

Fuel is getting to the IP via the fuel in the secondary filter housing.

So would I be correct to assume there may be a problem with the lift pump and/or primer?

Thank again!
that section could have an air leak in, vs a fuel leak out, since its on the suction side. Say for example one of the hard plastic clear lines had a crack in it. Would not necessarily leak fuel out, but the injection pump may suck air in.
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