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ac servo, aluminum body all new inernal VS remanufacture internal?

Need help. $495 for new internal, $395 remanufacture internal. George Murphy run out of the remanufacture internal, but other shop have it for $330. What I want to know is it better to spend $100 more for the new internal. Some people report that they have their ac servo leak also on the rebuild one. Now what I want to know is which rebuild one is known to leak also? Was there any other who rebuild it also other than George Murphy. I also talk to one vender and he said he only sell new one, because of high rate of failure on rebuild one. New one will last for 5-8 years before it crack and leak. But they are $800. Is George Murphy one better than those that sell by venders. Vender sell as low as $285, but I don't want to spend money for another one if it leak again. Is it possible to get this climate control system a one time fix for all or is one of those that will continue to drain my wallet on and on.
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