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First off let me say, thanks for everyone chiming in!! I appreciate it!!

I will take and post a photo when I get home, possibly I can post a video also with the car running and doing different things to troubleshoot.

I just want to make it clear - the car runs beautifully with fuel in the secondary filter housing with the top on or off. The problem is the "suction pulling" the fuel from the fuel line after the lift pump into the secondary filter and allowing the free flow of fuel.

Now with the top off the secondary filter and the car running, suction or no suction, I would think that the lift pump would cause some fuel, even a little, to enter the secondary filter housing, even without the suction. Now that being said and being a novice I could be completely off base on that.

Now with the top still off and the car still running if I hit the primer on the lift pump, ample fuel spills into the secondary filter housing. That being said, I would think there are no obstructions leading to the primer/lift pump.

So two questions - Given the above scenerio with car running and all...

1 - Should we see even a little fuel spilling into the secondary filter housing even though there is no suction?
2 - Given the primer operates as it should, there are no obstructions up until that point?

Thanks once again!!!

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