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I have a set of hard backed books, a DIY series by popular mechanics. They are filled with DIY articles from popular mechanics from the 60s. I think the books themselves were printed in the 60s. My friend found them stacked up next to a dumpster after waking up in a random apartment complex after a night of drinking during college. There are some pretty great articles in them. For example, How to target shoot in your house using wax bullets and shotgun primers. You'd never see that printed in a magazine today.
A friend of mine built a shooting range in a hallway of his house. The only firearm we had was a .38, but with just primers and plastic bullets we had a first class time of things when his parents were not home. I think we were about 15 at the time and we were shooting into a large cardboard box. I think he got the plans out of Boy's Life.

Today he has a good sized ranch in central Texas. The last time I was there he had built a firing range 100 yards in depth. I reminded him of the hallway range and he commented on how much more one could do with hundreds of acres of land and a D-8 Cat.
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