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I second miktvk. The calipers are on there tight. I changed my pads on all fours during the summer as well as bleeding and replacing the fluid. Used either Pagid or Texstar pads, plenty of dust, but stop just like new.

In November I decided I wanted new rotors. Ordered and attempted installation over Thanksgiving. The calipers were on so tight I couldn't get one bolt off. Ended up taking to a indy shop where they installed the rotors for $100. Now my brakes squeal at low pressure/speed braking. I don't know if they used any grease replacing the pads or if as they say, new pads aren't seating up well with the new rotors.

If you install the rotors, make sure you have the right tools. At a minimum you will need a good set of big metric sockets and a breaker bar. You may even need an air wrench.
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