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Steerin' Box Woes

Hi all,

Dealer told me my steerin' box was too TIGHT when I complained about handling a few days after alignment (strangely, car was GREAT until I jacked up the front end to change tires - I since have put the originals back on but handling problems persist). The steering does seem somewhat tight in the center position.

Took it to the mechanic for his opinion today. There is NO free play in the center position, BUT there is a more normal amount with the wheels turned off-center! He says he's never seen it that way before - its the opposite, loose in the middle. He loosened it up one turn to get a little play in the center position and suggested I put another steerin' box in, because if it he loosened it anymore (as he'd like to) there'd be too much play off-center.

Wondering if anybody has any experience with a box too
tight?? Does a box that's tight normally wear the way mine has?

Brian Toscano
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