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Unhappy 82 300cd mystery battery drain

Hi I'm in need of some of the expertise on this forum! It's a 1982 300cd that likes to kill the battery in under 15 min intermittently. I have tried looking for a phantom draw with a meter but everything checks ok. I have load tested the battery and it is good-used three different testers. The alternator is fine. The cables and connections seem good. It doesn't take much to start it-a quick boost and its fine. Then it will start again no problem. Can be weeks, then no start. Wtf can drain a battery so fast and not start a fire. When it does go dead I hear a motor moving behind the dash(guessing damper door driver resetting?) and the dash clock is loud. Now the warning buzzer that never worked buzzes when I open the door with ign off. And the chime module doesn't always chime when the ign is turned off. It's not the stereo either. Please help. It's driving me crazy
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