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They say that misery loves company, so I suppose you will be somehow comforted to know that I have been fighting the same problem for several months.

You can read most of my responses by doing a search for a thread called "Bosch KE Problem" in this forum.

Steve Brotherton who troubleshoots these cars all day long indicated it might be secondary ignition problems. I replaced rotor and cap and it ran fine for about a month until a damp day came along and it started again.

I have since replaced the coil and it ran fine for about 60 miles this morning then started the same thing again.

In my case when it acts up it won't make power until the throttle reaches the floor THEN it takes off under full power.

Let's help each other by staying in contact with each other while we work through this problem.

I really don't think it has to do with the fuel pump, because when the throttle reaches the floor it gets full power INSTANTLY. If it was a fuel pressure problem, the pressure would not be capable of building instantly.

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