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Thanks Mike Tangas and ILUVMILS,
I went under the car took out crossmember and took the light along with the camera.
This is how it looks and unfortunately, it leaks.
Now what are my options:
Car got a new ring gear on 9/05/02 with 46,330 miles on it.
At that time the dealer also replaced "front pump seal".

1. Am I correct in assuming that this is the one leaking now?

I had the car inspected by the same dealer on 8/26/02 with 46,322 miles on it. Not a word about a leaking transmission.
A day after the repair when I asked to put it back up on the lift to look for the mounting of the lower engine panel, they show me the leak on the side, but not to worry, I can have it fixed at the next service.

Now the car has 47,509 miles on it or 1179 miles with a new pump seal, that is now leaking (assuming point 1. is true)

Now what are my options?

a. drive it and add fluid
b. do main seal again?
c. rebuild transmission, if it has to come out anyway and get the dealer to pay part of it?
d. should I change the service provider?

What do you think.
Your help is very much appreciated.
Reinhard Kreutzer
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