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Just physically disconnect the glow plug circuit other than at times you are starting the car. After a time you will have a solid indication if the glow plug relay is the responsible culprit or not. It is pretty high on the list of possibilities but far from absolute certainty.

If you have auto wreckers in your area that have your model in inventory they can be a source of many good used parts . Glow plug relays for two dollars sounds like a pick and pull operations price though. That's where you go into the yard and extract the part yourself. Not every area has them still they have become more and more common with time.

Not only does my area not have those types of salvage yards. What yards we do have seldom get any of our older Mercedes cars in anymore. The rust in my geographical area has killed off the vast majority of those models some time ago.

For a time we had a fair supply of fairly low milage rusted out examples to select parts from. That time is consigned to history now.
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