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Question metallic creaking sound when shifting

Hi all!

My 1990 190E (auto) makes a metallic creaking sound when I shift from P to R to D to R, etc. (It's more noticeable in the morning when the car has been sitting.) It has been doing that for some times, but I never really took much notice of it or felt no sense of urgency to take care of it until now. I was backing up my car this morning and my dad asked me what the noise was. I told him it was nothing serious--AM I RIGHT? If I recall, it may be something to do with some U-joint thingy? The transmission shifts fine, the brakes are dad thought the noise may be coming from one of these.

My concern now since it has now been brought to my attention is this metallic creaking sound okay to drive with? What is the cause? The car only creaks when I shift from P to R and so on. It doesn't creak when I'm driving or braking. If it is some bushing or U-joint thing, can I still operate the car and remedy the noise at a later time? Driving won't cause any serious or permenant damage? Thanks in advance.
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