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I might be able to borrow a good air wrench. My neighbor at my warehouse/shop is a metal fabricator. The other day I was telling him how I couldn't break the tranny drain plug loose with my home made allen wrench - an 11/16 coupling nut ground down on one end to be 17 mm. It's always worked before but I must have tightened it too much last time - kept popping out this time. He said no, no, you need a real allen wrence - much harder steel. And, he had one tucked away somewhere! Not your everday allen wrench socket. Broke it loose no prob.

Any way, he might have one he could loan me. It's dicey pulling too hard on a wrench while under the rig (jack stands). I didn't do it, I positioned it so I could use my leg but couldn't budge it. My socket is a long 'un. If it breaks, I'll cut the busted part off and regrind.


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