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Originally Posted by shertex View Post
Very sobering. Have a friend whose 606 died at the same mileage (in his case, it was IP). Makes me wonder whether my 95 with 306k is a ticking time bomb! But Chris W, with 405k and counting, gives me reason for hope!
I've owned this car for just over a year. the person who owned it was a diesel mechanic, he did the glow plugs (actually got the old ones) and had been problem free. MBZ maintained for about 2 years after the warranty went. Newer trans installed after the other one went plotz. I've put 8K miles on it after I had some small minor things done with it.. Plastic parts break etc with age. I do believe the 606 is a good engine, I dont know what let go yet, the repair shop I called (they know me...) and they said they'll have it into the shop around lunch time... when I get the engine back (I hope I dont have to replace the engine) I'll tear it down and see what went Kerflooey. Post a lot of pictures, and go through a rebuild process if I need to. I'll see it again this afternoon. I have to go down there and pick up me mums wheel chair etc from the car.
1987 300TD 311,000M Stolen. Presumed destroyed
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