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It is so intermittent in nature he will not catch it by methods we use for constant drain issues.. Just my opinion though. A suspicious system or component has to be left disconnected for some period of time to get some proof it is the issue unless he is just plain lucky.

For the antenna circuit for example put the antenna up and pull it's power plug. Disconnect the plug at the unit when it is up.

One question of his not answered was will the glow plug indicator always come on in a situation like this if the glow relay is intermittently coming on? The answer is no.

Doing this yourself in running down the problem is both cheap and effective. Intermittent problems in professional hands are not always the best ideal.

For example if the car where taken to a mechanic and he knew these cars well. About the only thing I could see him trying first was subing of the glow relay at your cost of course as a start point. Not knowing these models well could result in very high costs ultimately on occasion. Substitution of parts for a problem can add up too fast. Best to figure out what is needed first and this is cheaper overall as well.

You can effectively mimic this substitution by disconnecting between uses. These cars have reached the age of self applied logic instead of throwing money at in many ways. It is getting pretty expensive just to keep a much more modern car on the road properly in general paid for maintenance costs. I am seventy one and still will not pay 75.00 for an oil and filter change at my local dealership for our newer cars. This is four litres of synthetic oil at say 25.00 plus a five dollar filter. What bothers me is that most people do not understand the cost is not 75.00. You have to earn the money first as it is taxed. Plus there are unrecognized costs in earning the money.So it is really costing you at least a hundred dollars. Is five minutes time really worth 75.00 in your mind at that skill level?

Say I take the difference between this and me doing the oil change myself and by and large the money not spent gets into a well run investment fund along the road. Ultimatly I am well paid to change my oil. It is not how much money you make it is more how you utilize it. This does not make you tight but helps make you much better off from a financial perspaective over time was my experience.

I know this everything paid for system makes the economy go round at the same time. We do not endlessly damage it by our own interventions at very lower numbers. I live in eastern Canada but grew up not that far from your location. Americans are perhaps less familiar with our garage repair setup. To say they can be punative at times is an understatement though.

Part of the allure of these models is the owner can with a little thought handle most situations with this site helping. I feel it is like having twenty people looking over your shoulder and everyone means well plus most of them will have some level of experience. To paraphrase I see it as a table full of food. You learn to go with the opinions and experiences suggested you think are the most sensible in your situation. Or you want.

That is not only free but increases your judgement and skills along the road. Sorry about the long post but there is little posted of why some of us fix our own cars. My base income level at 71 makes it still possible to pay for everything easily with a surplus every month. Using alternative methods and learning how to apply them in many areas has made this canadian and his family pretty comforatable over the years. The knowledge may even be responsible for a pretty high income level by Canadian standards still at 71. It could have been otherwise. I also get a lift from the enjoyment and knowledge that my costs are under control. The most positive thing though is I really enjoy the hands on part as well.

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