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Steve, thanks a MILLION for the response.

No it's not the kickdown, this is a manual transmission car.

I have a fuel pressure gauge, but I will have to research where to connect it on one of these systems. I will investigate what it will take to rig a fuel pressure gauge that I can read from the cabin.

Does the Bosch KE have an open loop and closed loop mode? I am very familiar with this on the electronic injection cars with individual electrically operated injectors, but with the mechanical fuel distributor, I didn't think the O2 sensor operated in such a way. The KE is a much different animal than my '88 Vette with which I am much more familiar.

One other clue. Sometimes when this is happening the engine idles normally and pulls away from a dead stop normally, then acts up when the car is at cruise. Other times it idles so bad that it almost dies and has lots of trouble getting untracked. Again, this is a manual transmission car.

Thanks again,

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