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Thanks ichris, I need it!

Well, put everything back together. let the car idle for about an hour and a half with everything tightened up. Ran fine, no issues, beautiful sounding diesel.

Before I closed up the secondary housing I watched the lift pump and again there was no fuel going into the housing so I was thinking about what vstech said, we needed vacuum for the ip to draw fuel. When I primed it though it went nice and smooth and dumped into the secondary housing.

After the hour and a half, I went on my way, kind of expecting the worst but hoping for the best and went up that incline I spoke of in past posts and the same thing happened. The car dies on me in the same spot and the secondary filter housing was dry.

Also, something I had not mentioned before because I did not want to complicate matters.

I couldn't and I still can't get the car started after this happens. Before my issues I did not have this issue of non start. I thought it was an electrical issue, possibly battery, because it is a little smaller than I needed to crank the car and the battery was old. I thought because of all of the cranking, I was just doing a number on the old battery.

So I bought a brand new battery and now the starter does not engage or move -nothing- , just as before. Now, this issue is only after the car dies on me.

Man am I at a loss. The only thing I can think of is that there is not enough fuel in the tank, but I took off the sender and I can't see the top of the strainer, there's got to be more than 5 gallons in there.

I'm sure I am missing something, but I can't find any air getting into the system.

But now the car isn't even here, I have to wait a little bit and try to start the car.

I had a car if you ran the car too long the starter got too hot and it would not start until it cooled. Anyone have a similar problem?

Anymore ideas?

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