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Reinhard, the answer is very simple. You say that you had the car "inspected" on 8/26/02. Can I assume this was related to the ring gear problem? If so, any ATF leaks at the front pump area should have been discovered and noted on the repair order. A ring gear inspection requires the technician to look in exactly the same area as your current leak! If there was no leak prior to the ring gear/pump seal/rear seal replacement and it now leaks, it's must be due to defective seals or workshop error. Either way, it's not your problem. It's obviously a warranty situation. As far as having the transmission re-built, that's up to you. The amount of dis-assembly required to re-seal the front pump is nothing compared to a re-build. I doubt the dealer will share the cost of this with you. They should however, fix the ATF leak if it is indeed the front pump which you just paid them to re-seal. By the way, the service manager did the right thing by advising you to replace the rear main seal and transmission seals during the ring gear job. These parts are costly to replace due to the labor involved in removing and re-installing the transmission. Good luck
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