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Ok, I've been browsing through this forum and found quite a bit of information regarding the flex disc replacement. By taking the drive shaft off the tranny, I should be able to get enough room to take the damper off, I'm guessing. I figure while I've got the driveshaft off, might as well replace the flex disc in case it's bad. Looking in FastLane, there are two different types of flex discs. How do I know which one fits my car? I have a US version '86 2.3-16V. Also, would it be a good idea while I'm under there to replace the rear flex disc? Is there anything else that I should be looking for while I'm under there? I don't think I want to touch the center bearing or anything there mainly because I'm not much of a car DIY and it sounds more difficult that I would be willing to tackle. Thanks for any input.
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