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Thanks to all for your advice - and a deeply humbled thank you for the kind words. Heaven knows I ain't no saint, and that I'm just making this up as I go. Having the steady hand of an amazing woman makes all the difference in the world.

Ed doesn't want to be done. He says it, now and again, when he is feeling neglected. He's been using the sentiment as a weapon for 5 years.

He gets mean, very rarely, when he is scared.

He gets scared, pretty often, because stuff doesn't work the way it used to.

He does REALLY F'N STUPID STUFF (like trying to burn the house down) because he simply isn't capable of doing better. There is no malice. There is no discontent. There is no anger. There is just - broken.

Every now and then I forget to give him each and every ounce of benefit of the doubt, and I need to step back and reset the baseline.

Y'all help with that. Having a place to scream into the void without worrying about the consequences is of great value to me.

So, Wayne et al. Please don't kill OD. It matters to me. It has kept me connected to this place, this community - at times when I needed something other than advice on how to keep the 3 old benzes in my driveway alive.

Because OD is here, I will ALWAYS look to Pelican first for parts.
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