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Flooding 420SEL

I am actually writing this post for someone else. He has a 420SEL with about 127000 on it. It's a bit neglected I hate to say...I hate seeing cars like this in that kind of shape. Anyways, he says it is flooding. I don't know the exact symptoms, since it's not mine...but he said he can smell the converter, says it smells like rotten eggs. He told me other symptoms, but I can't remember everything he told me. But he's sure it is flooding. I know he doesn't know much about MBs, but to my dismay I walked into his garage today and he is taking off the fuel distributor. The lines are already off, but he hasn't figured out how to actually get it off. I'd trust this guy on a Chevy, but seeing him monkey around on a Benz makes me nervous! So he is replacing the fuel distributor, being certain that that is the problem. So I am writing here to see if it could be something smaller, cheaper and simpler before he digs deeper into this endeavor and drops a grand...and then it not be it. Anyone?
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