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Once you pull off the sidedrafts, I'll pay the shipping if you'll send them to me. I'm ready to put carburetors on this thing to keep from having to troubleshoot an intermittent problem.

I drove to the house last night and back to the office this morning, a 180 mile round trip. The car ran perfectly all the way except for roughly idling at a stoplight that is in a little town about halfway home. The engine made power fine while pulling away from the stoplight.

Yes, I could monitor O2 voltage no problem. The connector is even in the passenger compartment. In fact, this makes it easy to try Steves suggestion of disconnecting the O2 sensor after warmed up. No one rides in this car with me, so I will pull up the passenger carpet and I expect I can reach the O2 connector while driving.

I have measured O2 sensor voltage before. I welded a fitting in the exhaust pipe for an O2 sensor on my '78 Ford big engine 4X4. I then ran a wire to a test jack underneath the dash. I can connect a multimeter and monitor the voltage while driving. It was very useful while "dialing in" the carburetor. This was a very inexpensive mixture meter. I got the idea when I saw a mixture meter sold by Crane in the Summit catalog. It was easy to see that all it was doing was reading the voltage from an O2 sensor, so I improvised.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Please keep them coming as I work through this mess. It's a good thing I'm already bald or I would end up pulling my hair out over this one.

Have a great day,
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