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While Benzmac's advice is, as usual, excellent, it might help you understand the problem better if you will give a little bit of additional information.

It isn't clear, to me, at least, just where you disconnected the fuel line(S?). Since you used the plural, did you disconnect the metal lines between the injection pump and the injectors? About the only other place you could have disconnected the fuel line is at the prefilter going into the injection pump, or at least, somewhere along that line. This would allow you to determine if fuel is reaching the engine compartment from the tank. In neither case could you make a determination that an injector might be bad.

BTW, have you by any chance recently changed the main fuel filter? If so, has the engine been started since the replacement?

As to how hard is it to replace the injection pump, believe me, it is harder on the pocket book than to actually do. However, if you feel that replacing an injector is beyond you, you certainly don't want to become involved in trying to replace the injection pump.

Hope you get your car on the road soon.

1979 240D
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