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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
are all the wristpins the same weight?

I'd certainly grind off the bumps, and thin out the skirts and any flash inside the heaviest ones...
Sorry I forgot about that bit...


Wrist pins are all the same weight at 108 grams.

I can't see 10 - 20 grams of weight difference in the rings which are still fitted. I don't want to remove them 'cos knowing my luck one or more will break and then I can't send them back.

I could indeed remove the obvious bumps but the inside of all of the pistons have been nicely finished - there isn't anything obvious to remove. The knobbly bit in the pictures on page one that was discussed previously has a weight about 2 grams (I know that from arsing about with my older M102.910 pistons).

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