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No doubt that is a hot price. The going rate for one of those in that represented condition is about 7-9k.

I would hold off on the trans computer until you know for a fact that it is bad. How did you determine the transmission actually downshifted, or did you just observe an rpm spike at the moment of failure?

I still maintain that the transmission controller and the engine controller talk to each other and will not allow a downshift that would kill the engine. Failing that I have to think that if somehow it did get in that situation it would have tried to save the engine by cutting the fuel supply by releasing the IP rack to minimum.

I still think you have a runaway condition caused by the engine consuming its own lube oil based on earlier statements.

Not trying to be difficult but just making sure you really get to the root cause of the problem without just throwing parts at it.

The TCM will have to be recoded to match the car, with Star DAS, it's not just a plug and play operation. I suspect this will be several hundred dollars for the part and north of a hundred to pay shop labor to do the recode.
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