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Originally Posted by Simpler=Better View Post
Ham chanker. *pffft* (I'll be using that one later)

Hop on forum. They're bike guys but IIRC, a few have shops in your neck of the woods that will do stuff cheap.

Also, a backwoods lathe can be made from a drill press and power sander pretty easily. I've turned down stuff when in a pinch that way.

I wouldn't cross-drill any holes, but I might be persuaded to drill longways to remove weight.
Originally Posted by vstech View Post
do you have a dremel tool? you should be able to machine out the inner diameter of the skirt and remove 10 grams from the heavy ones.
I would not remove any material from the pin boss. but the skirt, and the crown are safe places IF they are thick.

I do have a dremel type thing - better actually a Proxon - I'm dead posh me...

...problem is there's not much I can really remove without making things paper thin.

Here are some quick spread sheet calculations.

1) Drilling 4mm diameter holes in the wall (thickness is 4mm)

2) Hacking off the lower skirt bits

I don't think this is a good idea though...

...20 grams is just too much to remove. 10 grams is pretty bad and I'm struggling to find enough metal for that...
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