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My 500E just leaked about a pint of coolant out on my driveway! Leak appears to be emanating from up high on the motor, driver's side, and is leaking down all over the brake vent hoses, tranny cooler line on that side, etc. I can't pinpoint the leak by either removing the air cleaner or the belly pan....from on top everything's dry and from the bottom everything's soaked. However, there does appear to be a suspect connection-one of the lines going into the hydraulic pump (?-the device directly below the power steering fluid reservoir) seems to perhaps be the hydraulic pump water-cooled?

Even with the coolant cap released it continues to drip. Expansion tank is full...I'm sure just for the moment, and will be empty by morning. Overall it's not an extreme leak or anything, but I'm quite concerned. Any ideas out there??

Thanks in advance everyone

Best regards, Michael
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