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The road trip recap. Day 1.

My 220D outside Brad's house in South Philadelphia. The car is fully loaded and it shows.

So, we started on the 29th of September in Philadelphia and used I-95 to get out of the Philly area. We hit Route 40 down near Delaware to avoid tolls and then turned west and drove south on Route 1 until we hit the Baltimore Beltway. We drove west on the outer Beltway to I-70 until we got to Fredrick, Maryland where we really began the "no interstates" journey. Drove southwest on US Rt 340 to Berryville, then west on 7 until it intersected US 50 and there we let the road take us for quite some time.

Looking east from the crest of one of the last higher of the Appalachian passes on our trip west.

The weather started to turn cloudy and we thought we'd get rain but only got a few sprinkles from a system that drenched and tore up the midwest.

We stopped for the night at Tygart Lake State Park just outside of Grafton, West Virginia.

Phil Forrest

1972 220D "Trudy," named by a friend.

"The 220D sounds good... I suspect it is the only car that you need a calendar for, rather than a stopwatch, when doing acceleration tests."
Tom Abrahamsson
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