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Day 2 (recap)

Second day, we got up and ate at a cafe in Grafton which seemed to be THE place to go. After breakfast, we continued west on US-50 through West Virgina and into Ohio. We stopped in Parkersburg, WV for coffee and an attempt at getting internet access.

We walked around town a bit and even though we wanted to see the Ohio River, the view was blocked by very large levees.

Once we crossed into Ohio, I took a short detour north to fill up the car with biodiesel and we got groceries for the next few days. Back-tracked to US-50 and continued west to Athens, Ohio where we had lunch.

In Athens, we got to walk around the Ohio U. campus and surrounding town quite a bit. Athens is a cool little college town and Ohio U. is known for its outstanding photography and journalism programs. (My old professor at Temple U. has strongly suggested Ohio U. for graduate studies.)

Gorgeous old Willys Wagon in Athens.

After lunch in Athens, we continued west and tried to figure out where we'd camp for the night. The Federal Government shutdown took out a large number of camping options so we were limited to State Parks and private campgrounds.

When we hit I-275 just east of Cincinnati, we cheated the route and took that south to bypass downtown traffic which US-50 would have put us right into.

About that time we decided to detour the route south through Kentucky in order to stop by a few bourbon distilleries. The extra few miles and tour on the whiskey trail was well worth it.

That night we stopped at Big Bone Lick State Park just south of Cincinnati. Yes, it's actually called that. I heard of Big Bone Lick, Kentucky ten years ago when I got my duty station with the Navy Seabees. Myself and my journalist coworker were interviewing and photographing every Seabee in the Battalion and one of them said he was from Big Bone Lick. We didn't believe him so he insisted he show us on a map.

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