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Day 4 (recap)

The fourth morning we decided to make it all the way to Kansas so we could slow down a bit and make a few more stops for photos in the Great Plains.

We got breakfast at a Waffle House in Paducah and sat two tables away from one of the most paranoid racists i have ever heard. No self-censorship of his language or behavior and I was really disappointed but knew that the attitudes he holds are still rampant across the country.

Continuing west we took US-60 all the way out to just south of Springfield, Missouri. Rt. 60 passes in a winding way through the Ozarks and much of the land is National Forest, wildlife preserve or State Park.

Just west of Springfield we got on US-160 and took that to Rt-400. We hit US-66 for a few miles near Springfield while we jumped north to intersect US-160. Once we got on 400 we were in Kansas and stopped in Parsons for dinner. After that we needed to find a place to camp for the night and stayed at Fall River State Park, west of Fredonia and a good ways east of Wichita.

The night sky was amazing and I wish I had a geosynchronous tripod to allow long exposures of the stars without streaks.

Polaris and the rotation of the earth.

The Pleiades galactic cluster.

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