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Day 6 (recap)

Day 6 was the last day on the road before we reached my old hometown of Edgewood, New Mexico.

We got breakfast at a Pancake House restaurant (not IHOP but the Liberal, KS Pancake House) and had a ton of good coffee and a great breakfast.

After Liberal, there isn't much of US-54 left in Kansas but the cooperative grain silos along the highway are spaced every few miles apart.

The farther west on US-54 you drive, the deeper into serious cattle country you get.

The smell gets worse as well.

We passed Guymon, Oklahoma and were in Texas only a few minutes later.

Near Dalhart, Texas, we stopped to shoot photos of miles of stock pens.

This is a Cargill facility we photographed. We pulled off onto a county road and drove about a mile around the stock pen. Within maybe three minutes a Cargill employee drove out and asked what we were doing there. We were stopped on a public road so there wasn't anything we were doing wrong and we just made small talk. He was pleasant enough and not aggressive but while we were talking with him, the car filled with flies. There must have been a few hundred flies in there when we got back in the car. On the way back to US-54 we saw that the Cargill guy we spoke to had called another vehicle in case they needed to stop us from shooting. We weren't harassed in so much as on the edge of intimidated to get out.

The Texas panhandle flew by and then we were in New Mexico. Before we knew it, we were in Tucumcari and only a couple hours away from my family's house in Edgewood. Here, we cheated as well and took I-40 west since it was afternoon and taking the southern route would have put us in Edgewood about six hours later instead of two. We needed to get sleep as well since we wanted to be on the field at the Balloon Fiesta by 4:30 the next morning.

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