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It sounds like a lot of steps, but they are all necessary.

This is a classic case of losing a ground. The only way to sort it out it an all out attack on every surface. Find the connection of each ground, remove it, clean it very well, and re-connect it. This goes for the front blinkers as well as the rears.

Remove each bulb and replace them with the correct German bulbs. You can find these on-line; I should think Pelican would have them. They cost a bit more than bulbs from Autozone, but we are not talking wallet flatting on a re-built transmission scale.

Clean the sockets of each bulb with a rolled up piece of fine sandpaper, and rough up the positive leads in each socket to ensure they are making contact.

When installing the new bulbs coat them lightly with dielectric grease which is available from any parts house or perhaps Pelican. Very inexpensive and will inhibit resistance for years.

And replace your flasher unit.

Your problem is a bulb with a bad ground. Now you have the answer. Now your problem is which bulb? It could be one or all, so don't skimp.

And look for corrosion in the bulb housings. The only cure for this is to replace the socket/housing as they are difficult to clean once they have started to rust through.
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