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Hey guys...congrats on your first Benzs. As far as repair manuals, I think, as many others I'm sure, that you cannot beat genuine MB service manuals. I got all 3 (engine, 2 volumes for chassis) for my 126 and love them. You can get real MB manuals in CD and real paper....the consensus is split on this one, but I personally like the paper ones. They are easier to find what you are looking for in there and you can have it right by your car when working on it...unless you have a laptop I suppose, but not all of us do!

So check out They've got about all of them. A little expensive, but if you do just one pretty big repair by yourself, you will have already paid for them, and the parts probably, by the savings on the labor you would have paid a pro.

Just one word of caution about the manuals. They don't have specific step-by-step procedures. They have procedures, but they are a little more on the general side. These manuals are made for people that already pretty much know what they are doing and just need reminders or need to be cautioned on certain things. That's how I see it anyways. The manuals are also very useful in giving you torque specs, fill capacities for everything, and so on. So..the bottom line, if you already have a mechanical mind, like Gary mentioned, I would recommend the MB manuals. Just remember, who's gonna know a car better, the people that built it or some other idiot?
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