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Originally Posted by TMAllison View Post
The trans store codes as well as adaptation values that show how it has been adjusting itself internally. I'd check them. Star Diag would be best along with someone who knows how to interpret the data. SDS might pull up an engine code or two also or pending codes.

Seems to me like you need to pull the value cover and/or head and find out what happened? Timing chain tensioner, vacuum pump blew, cam broke, threw rod, trans issues, etc, etc. Could be major, or not. List is endless and to me, without pulling it apart and knowing what you have to work with, you can't know how to proceed.
Both trans and engine codes were pulled there were no pending or other faults found. this is at a shop. I've had them read this car a few times since having it. I trust what they say. the plan is to move the car to storage after a trip I have coming up while I still have the apperatus to move it. (saves on towing) I've gotten a pump for my 300TD. a thread will come soon on the joys and adventure of getting this thing up and running again.
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