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After reading this thread & all the posts and comparing it to the problems that Larry is having, I think I am experiencing the same issue.

I have changed out more components than necessary I'm sure. I have changed every components of the fuel delivery package. I mean everything from the sending unit on forward. The fuel distributor & EHA are new, injectors, cold start valve, idler air lines, airflow meter, throttle plate (body below airflow meter), Fuel pump realy, KE control, etc..........

I also traced over every bit of the ignition system and R & R'd everything there as well. Crank sensor, wires, distributor, distributor cap & rotor, coil, BOSCH H6 plugs, EZL. I also traced out the vacuum lines and replace any & all pieces that I even suspected may be causing an issue.

I also replaced the three sensors on the front of the head.

After struggling for more than I care to mention, I guess I am going to break down & buy a new wire harness. My problem is no doubt electrical & this is the last thing I can think of to swap out.
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