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Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
Using a 86 560SL, you are looking at $ 127 glass only + 100 install. I'd have a real talk with the installer as they might not be familiar with these cars. Be sure any rust on the pinch weld is tended to. It would be a pretty good idea for you to remove the glass, then tend to any rust before the glass installer shows up as the installer isn't going to repair any rust.
I'm in total agreement with the above. As it is, the best shop in town had only a few guys familiar with non-pop-in type windshields, and they would NOT do it "in the field" (that is, in a parking lot).

If you KNOW you have rust in windshield area, I would actually have the guy remove the windshield, you do the work, and have them come back and install it. BTW, no reputable/responsible shop will install a windshield with rust that they cannot grind off/paint with their special acid-based primer, because the urethane will not stick and neither will the windshield (see other post for safety issues)!

The most worrisome part of the glass replacement is the trim. 30-year old trim is extremely hard to remove without breaking/bending the trim or breaking the clips. My installer had to bend the "corners" while removing the trim, but he successfully did everything else. This trim is NOT cheap new.
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