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Found out this morning I've gotta replace my catalytic converter if I want to eliminate an annoying rattling sound coming from within. Need some help with suggestions.

Car: 1986 2.3-16V (84k miles), California Emissions required (i.e. - I've got pre-cats as well as the main converter).

Option 1: Live with the rattling (uh, don't think so).

Option 2: Replace with MBZ factory part @ $1,600.00 (part only).

Option 3: Replace with aftermarket catalytic converter (my shop is currently getting a quote).

Option 4: Replace with a Timevalve stainless steel unit @ $555.00; includes the pre-cats (special order).

Option 5: Replace with a Timevalve stainless steel unit @ $375.00; no pre-cats (49-state legal; in-stock).

I'd like to go with Option 5, but does anyone know if I'll pass California emissions without the pre-cats? How much "emission-control" do these pre-cats really provide?

Also, can anyone suggest other alternatives?


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