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I dunno about there being many problems with the 07-09 E-class diesels. I think perhaps the OM642 v6 has a few more common problems than the older OM648 inline 6 engine. Neither is perfect, both are darn good.

The older car actually gets better fuel economy - though the cost/mile difference between the two in negligible. The newer car is much less polluting. Both have the same power & acceleration.

I don't believe the 7 speed transmission is any less reliable than the older 5 speed. The new transmission has been in 99+% of all Mercedes sold in the US since 2006, and you sure don't hear about a bunch of the newer cars having problems.

The 05-06 diesel has the electronic SBC brake by wire system. It has been removed from the facelifted 07-09 cars, replaced with conventional ABS brakes. The SBC again has a bad reputation, though I do believe reputation again exceeds reality. That said, it does present the risk of an expensive repair that is not present on the newer cars.

My recommendation is to buy what you like, can afford, and find to be in well kept condition. Both are fine cars. BTW, I own an '08 and my brother drives an '06, so am quite familiar with both models.
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