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Originally Posted by jmbeam View Post
I remember hearing that that there were many disadvantages in purchasing the 07-09 E320cdi compared to the in-line 6cyl on the 05-06 E320 cdi.

Are their any advantages in purchasing the later models in 07-09 E320cdi's?

Is there anything else I should be aware of when shopping for one of these models? Thanks
Good Qs.....

Would you mind listing those disadvantages that you may have heard here please?

The biggest advantage I found for me when comparing models, was keeping over $10K++ in my pocket by buying an '06, versus the select '08/'09s that I was considering buying.....

Other than bringing (in some cases), a lot more money to the sale, not so significant that it would deter me from buying one - if that is what I wanted. I believe that you would be pleased with which ever model you go with.

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