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Originally Posted by jmbeam View Post
The SBC brakes on the 05-06 really concern me. It would kill me to spend the kind of money it takes to purchase one of these only to find out a bit later that this part needs replacing for a few thousand.
Anyone know how often they fail and when in the life range do they fail? Do they fail early or if they dont fail early then I have a good chance for this EBC part to last a few hundred thousand miles like the engine?

I was looking to buy a 05-06 cdi because I heard the straight engine was better plus one didnt have to add the treatment to the exhaust. Not sure how much to ownership those costs are.
The cost savings on an 05/06 E320 CDI, over the pricier 08/09 Bluetecs would more than mitigate any out-of-pocket you might need to spend to repair the SBC brake system at some future time.

Some fail early on, and some haven't failed. The system is covered by MBUSA for a period of 10 years / unlimited mileage.

The value play to me was in buying an 05/06, when I found the right one for me. Accepting any expense for the SBC, if I own it that long, is YTBD.

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