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Angry 1996 C36 AMG driveability issue w/42K miles

My C36 has been running wierd since I bought it back in 08/02 w/38,000 miles on it. I've been putting up w/ the problem for months now! When I gas it to accelerate from a roll say around 20 or 30 mph(from a right turn to merge or to pass some idiot) the car will go to running like it has a dead cylinder. NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT EVER! If I shut the car off & fire it back up, the problem is gone.....until it returns from the same kind of driving. I can actually replicate it on demand now! Mercedes Benz North here in Houston had the car in the first part of DEC. They replaced the Mass Air Meter & said it was fixed. It didnt do a damn thing! I took it back & now they say it was just the spark plugs! They said that they drove around w/ a laptop hooked up to verify the problem? They say that I still have to pay for the MAF since it checked out bad when they did the initial diagnosis in DEC '02. I'm pretty pissed cause the MAF wasn't the problem! I'm going to pick the car up in the morning & I am going to try my best to get the dealer (MB North of Houston) to meet me halfway or something.
The shop foreman 'Charlie' said since my car is so rare & racy that running kinda rough some times isnt a problem. Well, I took him for a spin & replicated the rough running condition & he even thought it was weird that the check engine light didnt come on. He said more than most likely the ECU is seeing a misfire condition from faulty plugs or coils & is setting an injector into some type of 'limp home mode' to protect the catalytic converters!Any help would be appreciated.....Kyle Feagins..depressed Benz owner
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