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Hey Greg,

Your car is very unique to the US for only it's engine. I've had my 86 12 years and you, like me and 45 other people in the US own a 86-89 560SL with a M103 6 cylinder engine straight out of a 300E.

No airbag, no thermometer in the center dash vent and no battering ram bumpers, REGULAR GAS! and Euro headlights, a European radio with HF band and german language owners manual should just about cover the differences. (I found an english copy for the 300SL from a guy in Japan)

Shop your parts and repair like you own a 86-89 560SL and you'll save yourself from more misinformation and out right ill-informed BS than you can imagine. THIS HAS BEEN THE CHEEPEST AND EASIEST MB TO MAINTAIN I'VE EVER OWNED!

Pay $12 bucks and get a Startek EPC access subscription (only because it's a european car, otherwise it's free), put your vin in the box and look up your part numbers VIN specific to your car. THEE only part in 12 years I've had to get from Germany was a sun visor!

PS, look at your spare tire, if it's original like mine, it says "made in west germany"
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