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Originally Posted by greg walsh View Post
Thanks,No the emergency flashers don't work either. I tried moving the hazard switch back and forth with no luck. The car must've been in a small front end collision because a lot of the fender mounting hardware's missing,the hood been replaced and the wiring to the turn signals and driving lights were never reconnected. I've connected them all back up and thouroghly looked under the car and was pleased at how everything looked. It also has a new radiator which leads me to believe that it was hit in the front.It does drive nice though. Cruise control and oddometer also don't work but they don't work on my 81 300SD either no big deal.
Hummm--Your cruise and odometer failure could be related--If the odo is out, is the speedo out too? If the answer is yes, your cruise won't work, the speed signal comes from the hal sensor on the back of the speedo head.

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