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Thanks fella

Thanks for all the replies, guys. I'll get on some stuff tomorrow.

I recently did a valve adjustment on her car; I tend to do them twice a year to both of our cars, if nothing else; once before winter/cold autumn, and one after winter/before the warmer weather. They hadn't changed much from the previous adjustment in May; maybe two had tightened enough that I actually had to do something.

I've been iffy on the battery; it always tests out good in battery checks at auto stores and even my own tests; I use a multimeter and a load tester from Harbor Freight (Alternator/Battery Tester) The part I'm iffy on is that besides the fact that it says Interstate on the back, there's no markings whatsoever on it. Money pending, I've been contemplating getting a new one. I've heard good things about Interstate batteries; got one in my own car and it's awesome.

I did replace the starter motor about 4, 5 months ago with a unit for turbo engines (spins faster I guess) to help alleviate this issue.

I'm not sure how I would check fuel delivery...I keep tabs on the fuel filters, though. Just replaced the pre-filter about a month ago and the spin-on about 2, 3 months ago. Haven't had a chance to inspect the tank screen, however. I caved a while ago and bought the 'special socket' from y'allknowwhoSource to replace mine on my car, so I have the resources/know-how.

Same deal with a radiator pressure test, checking the glow plug box/timer...elaborate how-to please?

The engine on this takes the later-style pencil glowplugs. Like I said, it's a late-model 79, almost 80. Mine is an early model, stamped 1978; it has the older, larger holes that I upgraded to a parallel system. However, I have little history on her car so for all I know the engine was swapped from another car.
Now, I've seem some posts on here detailing glow plug testing on these pencil plugs using a multimeter to measure resistance and whatnot...I got lost. I should just take them out and test to see if they even get red-hot first?
- 1979 W123 240D 4-speed, 390k miles
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