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psteinke my parts are almost here, just waiting for the delivery guy to drop them off now, could be today or monday, so I will definately let you know.

As for the EHA current. my car only hesitates when the current is 0, it is my understanding that on cars with only positive eha current, it's supposed to be at 8ma, can anyone correct me? and it goes up or down from there to richen or lean the mixture. I just noticed today also that my current jumps up to 56ma when above 60kmph and let go of gas, as in decel switch is engaged, other then that I have not seen the current go above 11ma even when accelerating on the highway, and I know it used to go higher.

I got the OVP in front of me now, checking to see if it works. One thing I did notice just now is that without the electronic controls, ie, the OVP removed, and I started the car, the seems to be skipping a beat or two in the range of 1k-2k rpm, which is where it hesitates the most, so maybe this is not coming from the controls at all, but the distributor cap, once replaced, I will know for sure.

I'll keep you all posted.

Keep in touch.

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