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Originally Posted by engatwork View Post
I would go for the in-line 6 versus the v6 just for the ease of repair. Also my experience has been that the SBC module seems to be a pretty robust system. I have had one car in the shop that the SBC module had "timed out" and was replaced for free by MB.
Although I was originally 'intent' on finding an 08/09 E320 Bluetec, I think I lucked out choosing a very well-kept, lowish miled 2006 E320 I6 CDI instead, for a lot less money than I had originally planned on spending. I can buy numerous SBC parts/labor, and their associated brake system replacements over the years, if and when necessary. Once I learned about how fantastic the SBC system's performance aspects were, in my judgement, I'm quite pleased with it.

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