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How do I remove the in dash receiver?

The Becker cassette in-dash receiver in my 1992 300TE 4Matic is displaying an E-2 code when it is turned on. I have removed the rear unit, which I found to be completely corroded due to spillage from rear window washer fluid. To ensure that the problem with the radio is cured, I want to remove the in dash receiver and send it and the rear unit to Becker North America for repair, or replacement. My question is twofold: (1) how do I remove the in dash receiver? I got the two metal insert tools at MB and have correctly inserted them into the proper slots at the base of the receiver, but when I pull on them, the receiver doesn't budge. What am I doing wrong, or what else do I need to do? (2) Is there any alternative to the stock system, (which is far from great), that I can install for the same cost or less, than the cost of replacement, which is going to be about $2,500? Thanks.

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