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Originally Posted by Stugist View Post
Just tested the glowplugs. Wasn't too happy with the results, heh.

Started by removing all 4 from the engine...from rear to front, numbers 4 and 3 didn't have that much carbon buildup on them, but #2 and #1 did. I thought "oh there's the problem! #1 and #2 are bum!" Well...not quite. Exactly the opposite, really.

I couldn't get to my battery charger, so I just tested them in the car off the car battery. To verify the relay worked, I took a spare large-thread plug I had laying around for my car and hooked it right up to the wire from the relay. Turn the key ...yay! Glows beautifully. So, relay works (woohoo!). To establish a ground to the plug, I just nestled it in the ground frame on the back of the engine. I then took all 4 and tested them this way. To be sure I had a good ground, I tested each three different times and re-positioned in the frame hole if they didn't glow the first time.

The results....the two caked with carbon are good. The two for the front of the engine...uh oh. Explains a bit of the hard starting, heh.

Also, I took pictures this time! Now I just have to figure out how to get them on here in a decent enough pics to come later. The majority of them are of underneath the car, where the leaking is coming from.
Send the RAW pictures to me for posting on this thread.

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