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Urgent help!!

I started what apeared an easy job: to replace the sway bar bushing. First I removed the Torx T-50 bolts holding the sway bar link. Removed both links. Then, after securing the sway bar in place - will not fall, I start removing the 2 bolts of each bushing bracket. The bolt head is an Inverse Torx (I used an E-12 socket). The first 20 or so turns went OK. I believe I have left 2 or 3 more turns before they are fully removed.
Here I encounterd the problem. Using a magnifier + some good light I noticed tthat the screw thread at the very end of the screw has a blue color. I went yesterday at a dealer to get new bolts. The new bolts have been changed by MBUSA from an E-12 originally to an M-13. of the screw are also blue in color. Bottom line: out of the 4 E-12 bolts I almost stripped 3 of them and not able to remove them completly.
Does anyone has some advice for me what I should try? Since yesterday I soaked all the bolts with WD-40 with no luck so far.
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