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no start when hot

Hello gang. Thanks for responding to my thread. I have a 1985 Mercedes 300sd 126 model. The car starts up ok in the morning when its cooled down. I do live in Puerto Rico. When the car gets up to operating temperature (approx. 80 degrees) then it idles at a little higher rpms. Also when I shut it off when hot it will NOT start. It turns over ok. But I have to wait an hour for something to cool down. I am almost certain that I have good compression at all cylinders. The car has great power in the Puerto Rican hills. I have recently tuned in all of the valves. I have checked the resistance on the glow plugs and wires. It does read higher when hot. Then when it cools down the resistance changes from 4.3 to .8. I maintain pressure at all times at the manual pump. I do have to press on the pedal 10 seconds to keep it running in the morning. I have replaced the gold plated idle plug on the injector pump. If I push hard on the pedal in the morning the rpms rev up then quickly fall. When hot, the rpms fall very slowly after I press on the pedal. I have cracked the lines at the injectors. Each spit out fuel while running. I have run the car with the fuel cap off. I have taken the vacuum hose off of the shutdown valve. Again, the car runs great even when hot. But, it stalls when I place it in drive from P and at idle. I have to press on the fuel pedal when I put it in drive to keep it from stalling. I obviously have not seen this dillema posted on the forums. Please Help! Luke you are my only hope! Thanks....

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